How Much Does Bat Removal Cost?


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How much does bat removal cost? Well, it depends on what exactly is being bat proofed. Additionally, there is not one set price for bat proofing and bat removal services. Each infestation is uniquely different from the last. With so many changing factors, the price changes for each specific structure. We bat proof residential homes as well as various commercial properties. So, the “how much does bat removal cost” question can vary dramatically. A small, one story home isn’t the same price to bat-proof as a movie theater or church in town. The size of the structure, the size of the bat colony, and the condition the structure is in will all affect the price of the bat proofing-bat removal service.

By asking questions about the structure and seeing images of the property, it is possible to give accurate bat removal estimates over the phone. However, some people are skeptical of over the phone estimates, but if you have taken care of your home and it is not completely falling apart on the exterior, the over the phone estimate will be accurate. So, how much should bat removal cost? If the price for bat removal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Bat removal is not cheap. If you want to get rid of bats, you will need to call the right professionals.

Bat Removal

Bat removal is not cheap, but most house maintenance projects aren’t! With bat removal services, you really do get what you pay for. The lesser the price often means the lesser the quality. Bats are crafty little creatures that can get in your house through dime-sized gaps. It’s tedious and time-consuming work to locate and seal every primary and secondary bat entry point correctly. Professionally trained technicians are most qualified to be locating and sealing bat entry areas. Most people who try to do their own bat removal end up sealing all the bats inside the house. Once the bats are sealed inside, they will go searching for an exit—that’s when multiple bats end up flying in the living quarters.

Sealing is only half of the bat removal process and it should be done only by professionals. The other half is giving the bats a way out of the house. Also, exclusion devices should be installed to give the bats an exit. There are a couple of different types of exclusion devices, either plastic or mesh. The plastic exclusion devices do not fit as well as mesh devices. Plastic exclusion devices are often white or gray. Installing bulky devices like plastic exclusion devices can alter the appearance of the home. Custom-made exclusion devices are the best bat exclusion device because it is made to fit for specific locations and is less noticeable.

Bat Removal Quotes-Estimates

With today’s technology, it is possible for us to give free estimates over the phone. To give an estimate over the phone, we must ask a few questions. The questions that are asked for the over the phone estimates are relatively basic. The answers to the questions tell us more information about the size and materials of the house. Some examples of questions that are asked are: How many stories is the home? (single story, two-story, etc.) What type of roofing material is on the home? (asphalt shingles, metal roof, etc.) What kind of siding does the home have? (vinyl, brick, etc.) Is there attic access, if so where?

Smaller houses with less detail will be a lesser price. If the house is larger, has a lot of structural detail, and has a difficult type of roof, the price would increase as more entry points are likely. After asking these simple questions, it can also help to see images of the house to get a visualization of the detail of the structure. We ask for the address to pull the home up online to see as much of the structural details as possible. Structural features like dormers, scalloping, turrets, and other structural designs can affect the price. Those types of details can provide ample opportunities for the bats to take advantage of.

Over The Phone Estimates

Over the phone, estimates are accurate to a point. If the house’s exterior has been taken care of over time, the over the phone estimate would be accurate. However, when a house’s exterior has been neglected and is starting to fall apart, the over the phone estimates may not be as accurate. The extent of the damage upon technician inspection may cause an increase in the price. How much bat removal costs can vary, and each home is different so each price will be different.  Bat removal may sound easy, but there is a lot more work that goes into than many may think.

Bat Removal Scams

Be careful when calling companies for bat removal and bat-proofing services. If a bat removal company tells you they can do the bat removal service for $200, hang up the phone immediately. The companies that offer bat removal services at such low prices are looking for quick cash. Scam companies like that are opening more frequently. Bat-proofing and bat removal is a rather expensive investment for your home. Trying to find the cheapest companies can leave you with the most expensive consequences.

Companies that do the bat removal job incorrectly either do not get rid of the bats at all or they end up sealing the live bats inside the home. Locking bats inside only drives them deeper in the structure. It also increases the amount of mess that may need to be cleaned. Any bat removal company that doesn’t offer a warranty or only offers a one-year warranty is also unreliable. We hear the horror stories about bats swarming in the house because of incorrect sealing methods from those companies. The other complaint we hear most commonly is that the bat infestation never left. Instead of trying to “save” money by hiring lesser qualified companies, spend the money to save yourself the stress and frustration.

Good Questions to Ask When Calling Around for Bat Removal Services:

  • How long have you been in the bat removal business?
    • Asking this question can help eliminate possible fake companies or can verify the business.
  • What kind of warranty is offered?
    • If a bat removal company offers no warranty or one-year warranty, they will not be very reliable.
    • Warranties vary from a minimum of a 3-year warranty to a maximum of a 10-year warranty.
  • Are they properly licensed and insured?
    • The number of fake or scam bat removal companies is increasing. By asking this question, the company verifies they are a legally insured and licensed business.
  • What materials are used?
    • Lower quality companies use lower quality materials. If a bat removal company primarily uses spray foam or plastic exclusion devices ordered offline, those materials will hinder the appearance of the exterior of the house.
    • Clear silicone is preferred over spray foam.
    • Mesh devices are preferred over plastic exclusion devices.
  • Referrals?
    • People may request referrals from bat removal companies, but there may not be any to give out. Many bat removal customers do not like to broadcast that they have had issues with bats and do not want to be contacted as a referral.
    • The best substitute besides direct referrals is online reviews—Be sure to check the dates of the reviews.


**By asking these questions, it should eliminate many scam companies. Bats are federally protected which means killing bats is illegal. If the cost of bat removal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Hopefully, with these tips, you will call the right professionals the first time.**

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