Bat Removal Services

How do I get a bat out of my house?

Alpha Bat Removal is a family owned company that uses custom bat exclusion devices. When using these devices, our bat catchers and any bat exterminator we use in our bat removal from attics or any other areas of your home or office building, we do not harm bats. Bats are very important to the eco-system for a variety of reasons, from helping with the control of insects to the pollination of plants.

Bats are a protected species, and there are many laws on how they must be properly removed so that they do not die. Therefore, if you have a bat infestation, it is very important to hire a knowledgeable professional to provide bat removal services. At Alpha Bat Removal, we also respect your confidentiality by arriving in an unmarked vehicle and providing bat exclusion and bat removal services in a quick and timely fashion that disrupts your normal activity as little as possible. Alpha Bat Removal has a standard 10-year warranty and the option to purchase a lifetime warranty.

Bats are usually classified as a pest species due to their habits of living in houses, chimneys, garages, barns and various office sites. A common perception of bats is the, “sort of spooky creatures that fly around in circles at dusk.” While that’s not altogether untrue, it’s when bats become a problem in people’s lives-- when they have to type “bats in attic,” “bat catcher,” “bat exterminator,” “bat exclusion,” “bat removal,” or “bat infestation” into their search bar to find a professional bat removal company when they can really become a nuisance.

Image of a real bat on the floor

Bat exclusion (the process of letting bats fly out and not back in to a particular space) is a specialty service that Alpha Bat Removal professionals excel at.

If you have a bat infestation or need bat removal in any of the following, we can quickly and efficiently get the job done:

  • Bats living in attic, chimney, garage, barn or swarming around your house or building
  • Bats stuck inside your home (residential properties)
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Apartment buildings
  • Log homes or cabins

All prices for bat removals are given over the phone.

** Attic restorations or clean up are not included in the initial price. Estimates for cleanup can be given when the job is finished.