Alpha Bat Removal is a family owned company that uses custom bat exclusion devices. When using these devices, our bat catchers and any bat exterminator we use in our bat removal from attics or any other areas of your home or office building, we do not harm bats. Bats are very important to the eco-system for a variety of reasons, from helping with the control of insects to the pollination of plants.

While not part of our bats in attic removal cost, Alpha Bat Removal does offer attic restoration services to take care of removing bat guano from attic, garage, insulation etc. If you need bat removal services, more than likely the bat infestation will lead to bat droppings in the attic, bat urine stains, bat feces and general bat guano cleanup in the areas the bat eradication has taken place.

If you’ve ever wondered how to deter bats from roosting or how to keep bats out of your attic, or how to deter bats from your house, Alpha Bat Removal has your answers and we are the bat removal and prevention, bat-proofing company you’ve been looking for.