Bat Removal Services

How to Get Rid of Bats in Your House?

There’s nothing quite as unnerving as trying to enjoy a nice evening binging on Netflix with your family, when all of the sudden you hear the annoying scratching or eerie squeaking of an unseen animal hiding in your home. While that might sound like the latest edition of “Stranger Things,” it’s an all too true happening for many of us. And let’s face it, it’s even worse when the bats show themselves, not a lot of things can spook you worse than a bat suddenly flying overhead!

Nothing can get you out of your chair and frantically typing “how do I get a bat out of my house?” into your search bar quicker than bat flying around. You’d be surprised to see how small of an opening in your roof or siding bats need to burrow inside and make themselves at home. Given an opening about the size of dime, bats are able to find their way into your attic, insulation, garage or any other place where they can take refuge.

So how did that happen? Look, sometimes bats get into the nicest of houses. There are a number of reasons why-- perhaps you left a door or window open, perhaps the cat dragged it in, but by far, the most likely reason is that you have a colony of bats living somewhere inside the house-- in the attic, walls, chimney, etc., and one (or more) of them crawled into the living space of the home.

So what to do about bats in the attic and how do you get rid of bats? Your best bet is to call the professionals at Alpha Bat Removal, who can provide both bat removal services and (or wherever the bats have roosted) attic clean up and restoration.

closeup of a bat

We get it, you just want to get rid of that bat and get back on the couch! You have four pretty good options when faced with the daunting question, “how do you get rid of bats?”

  • Open all the windows and doors - bats have good echolocation, and it may realize the window or door is open, and simply fly out.
  • Trap it in tupperware or a jar, bowl, bucket, etc. Wait for it to land, exhausted, and then carefully place the tupperware over the bat against a wall or floor, and then slide a piece of paper between the wall and tupperware, and you've got the bat trapped. Bring it outside and set it free.
  • Smother it in a blanket - drap a blanket over the bat, and then gently bunch it up and bring it outside and let it go. Remember, bats have very fragile bones in their wings, so be careful not to injure it. You can even remove it with thick leather gloves. You just don't want to get bitten. Bats aren't aggressive, but if you're grabbing one, it'll defend itself.
  • Catch it with a butterfly net. This is actually pretty hard, especially if it's on the wing. You might want to wait for it to land, and then net it. Be careful to close the top of the net and not crush the fragile bat, and then bring it outside and let it go.