Bat Proofing

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Have you seen bats in your living space or attic? Have you heard squeaking or scratching coming from the walls or attic? These are good indications that you may have bats on your property. If you’ve ever wondered how to deter bats from roosting or how to keep bats out of your attic, or how to deter bats from your house, Alpha Bat Removal has your answers and we are the bat removal and prevention, bat-proofing company you’ve been looking for.

Bats can get in from cracks, gaps, or holes the size of a dime or even smaller. Bats usually roost in areas that are dark during the day. During the winter months they hibernate in areas that will keep them warm. Bats will burrow into your insulation and walls to stay warm. This may cause them to get into your living area during the winter months. At Alpha Bat Removal we place our custom bat exclusion devices in your attic to evacuate the bats. We inspect and seal off all the areas that bats could be entering at. We DO NOT use any chemicals in the process, as they are proven to not work. Once the bats are out, they cannot get back in.

image of a man bat proofing

As far as bat prevention, or how to deter bats from roosting, or how to keep bats out of your attic, you first need to do a thorough inspection of the house. Some areas of the home to pay particular attention to include roof edges, areas where soffit meets roof, fascia boards, loose tiles, vents, chimneys, and any place in the structure where there could be a hole or a gap that a bat could squeeze into. Bats can fit through a hole as small as 3/8”, so a thorough inspection is necessary. When trying to create a bat proof house, remember that the most frequent openings that bats use are at least eight feet off the ground.

Once you’ve found all of the areas that need to be sealed for bat prevention, sealing them up at night is a good idea. You can wear a head lamp and really get a good look into all the little nooks, crannies and crevices that a bat might take advantage of. Working at night allows you to see bats flying in and out of the various openings, which will give you the best idea on how to deter bats from your house.

We service all residential, commercial, churches, schools, farm buildings, etc. Call Alpha Bat Removal today for a free quote on bat removal and prevention!