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Bats in the House

So, You Think You Got Bats

Bats are pretty cool animals, but they aren’t cool in our houses. I’ve had a firsthand experience when it comes to bats in the house. I wanted to talk about my experience with bats in the house, some tips on what to do when there is a bat in the house, and how to prevent more from getting in!

My Bat Background

At the time, I knew nothing about bats. I didn’t realize how blessed I was to grow up in a house without bats. The first time I had a bat in my house was when I was 22. In my opinion, it was a real-life, adult situation that no one prepares you for! I’ve seen bats flying outside at nighttime around the streetlights in town but didn’t pay them any mind. I guess I should have known with my luck they would be living up in our attic one day!

I moved back to a small rural town after college where I was used to seeing all kinds of wildlife. It was common to see the deer, raccoons, mice, snakes, sometimes opossums, etc. The house was a little rough on the outside, but we’re taking it one house project at a time. I was told there had been one bat in the house previous to me moving in. Naively, I brushed off the comment and decided it probably came in a door or window. (By the way bats don’t really like to enter houses that way. It rarely happens.) Months passed and we had completed a few interior renovations without any incidents.

First Encounter with a Bat In My House

It was a summer night, and we were lounging at home watching some tv like we would normally do. It was raining heavily and a thunderstorm was rolling in. Like the common Midwesterners we are, we went outside to the garage to watch the storm roll in. It seemed like a normal storm, lots of thunder and lightning. The storm must have grown more intense because at some point the power went off.

We decided to head back in the house to check on the dog and for some flashlights. When we opened the door and walked inside, there it was just flying around! A little brown bat flying back and forth in the living room and dining room. I immediately went back outside to the garage! This was not my problem to deal with, so I left it to my boyfriend. He’s dealt with stuff like that before, so it seemed fitting at the time.

What Happens When It Roosts?

Our neighbor eventually heard us having problems and came to try and help.  She braved it and went inside; I stood by the door with my flashlight. Unfortunately, even with her help, we couldn’t get the bat out of our house.  Eventually, the bat tired out and decided it needed to rest, somewhere in our house.

Once a bat finds a place to roost inside the house, it is almost impossible to find it until it flies again. They can fit into the tiniest areas; keep in mind they can fit through dime-sized spaces. So that’s the end of it right? The bat’s gone and now we can go to bed. WRONG!

Getting Rid of The Bat

I’m the type of person who doesn’t go to bed when a live bat is in the house with me. At this point, we were waiting out the bat. This whole ordeal started at about 11 p.m. when the power shut off. We stayed up until after one in the morning waiting for this bat to fly again. Finally, the bat came swooping back by the living room ceiling fan. We, mostly he, managed to get the bat out of the house. It still wasn’t easy to go to bed that night. When there is one bat there are usually more somewhere. They live in groups called colonies, so the odds of having just one bat in the house are slim!

The next day we did some research on what to do about bats in the house. By research, I mean hours of extensive googling about bats. We were pretty much bat experts by the end of the day. As we continued our research, we learned two things: getting rid of a bat in your home is difficult and there are a bazillion websites on how to do it yourself.

When it comes to bat proofing, leave it to professionals. If you seal up the wrong spot or don’t give them an exit, the only place to bats can go is into the house more! Bat proofing and removal services, when done correctly, are 100% effective at getting the bats out and keeping them out. It is the safest, most permanent method for getting bats out of your house.

Safe Bat Removal

Looking back on this whole situation, I see a few things we should have done differently. If there is a live bat flying in your house, one of the easiest things to try and to get the bat out is to open windows and doors. The bat is just as terrified of us, so it’s looking for a quick escape! Since bats use echolocation, they know exactly how to find the exit. Don’t worry, the bat will not get stuck in your hair! Bats do not attack humans they are way too scared of us.

If the bat is dormant, you can try to capture the creature and then release it outside. Downside to that is the bat will just fly around to its entry point and re-enter the house. Bats are intelligent little critters. They don’t like to leave their safe place easily.

Best Practices for Bat Removal

To sum up everything, when you have a live bat in the house try not to panic. Yes, it’s a scary situation but it’s fixable. It helps to take it one step at a time. Start by getting the bat out in an effective way before it rests. Remember bats are federally protected so it is illegal to kill them.

Do your research on what it takes to remove bats from your home. We recommend this because it’s not as easy as it may sound. Don’t waste money on the DIY home remedies to get rid of bats. Some of them are dangerous, ridiculous, or just make your attic smell like peppermint.

If you truly have a bat issue, look into professional companies to fix the problem. Make sure the company specialized in bats. Regular pest control companies do not have the same experience as bat specific companies. The right company will fix the problem the first time they come out, so you don’t have to deal with a new bat problem every summer.

Typically, there is a warranty with bat proofing and bat removal services to guarantee the work. Make sure you are getting a good warranty for what you pay! Alpha Bat Removal actually has the longest warranty in the bat removal business, it’s a standard 10-year transferable warranty with the option of a lifetime warranty!